Tenant Info



Please call us directly (502-460-0384) for any maintenance related problems.  From there, our contractor will contact you to schedule a service call.  We do not provide a copy of your apartment key to the contractor, so you or someone over the age of 18 must be present during the visit.  Please do not schedule any service calls with a 3rd party contractor without notifying our office first.



If you are interested in setting up monthly auto-draft for your rent payment, please contact us for routing and account numbers.



Our property owner’s insurance does not protect your valuables or household goods against theft, fire, vandalism, flood, natural disasters, etc. Unfortunately, our policy only encompasses the structure with varying degrees of liability coverage. This brings up the important issue of reporting maintenance issues as soon as possible, to include: electrical or wiring problems, water leaks, exterior lighting issues, broken locks or deadbolts, or any other potential liabilities. As stated in our lease agreement, you are required to maintain a renter’s insurance policy throughout the entire duration of your tenancy. The renter’s insurance policy must list “Burkhead Realty Holdings, LLC” as an “additional insured” party.



Every January, April, July, and October, we will schedule a walk-thru of your property to inspect for damages or maintenance concerns. The objective is to ensure your property meets the highest standards and that we address potential problems, sooner than later. We’ll also use this opportunity to replace your HVAC air filter. The whole inspection should take fifteen minutes or less.

NOTE: Please don’t wait until our inspection to report a maintenance issue, if you notice something between visits.



Between October 1st and April 15th, please do not leave your garden hose connected to the outside water valve. Freezing temperatures will cause trapped water to burst the pipe, if the hose is not disconnected after use. Connecting the hose for single use during the aforementioned period will best prevent a service call to the local plumber. Expenses for such instances will be passed along to the responsible tenant for payment.


Your property includes a condenser similar to
the adjacent photo. From a safety standpoint, please ensure children do not play around this system. There is potential for electrical shock as well as injury. From a maintenance standpoint, they could damage the wiring or some of the internal components. If you find yourself mowing around this item, please mow in the opposite direction to prevent grass particles from impeding the function of the cooling fins. Please do not use a weed eater near the wiring or copper insulation as well.


We would like to caution the use of mulch or wood chips around the foundation of your property. Although aesthetically pleasing, the dead wood is a breeding ground for termites. Over time, these termites will proceed up the foundation and under the exterior siding – causing major problems that could be costly. If you’ve already placed mulch around your property, please remove it soonest and we’ll arrange delivery of pea gravel or small river rock to supplement your landscaping needs. With that said, we have no problems using mulch around trees located away from the foundation.



Please properly dispose of all cigarette butts and do not leave trash bags sitting outside your door. Trash cans are to be stored behind the building until trash collection. Extermination expenses related to insect and roach removal caused by lack of cleanliness will be billed to the responsible tenant(s). Please keep in mind that insects/pests originating in one apartment may easily migrate to neighboring units.